AR is such a misunderstood term! Here’s a simple and practical definition in plain English with visual examples, for people who are getting started with it.

A non-fancy definition: Augmented Reality (AR) means bringing digital content in to what we see of the real world.

The time comes when you need to let the whole world discover the amazing product you have been working on. This is how we did it. In this article: setting objectives and defining a plan.

Stealth mode

For those of us who are part or tightly connected to the world of volumetric video, the news of Intel Studios closing is hardly surprising. For me, a person who landed in this world for its business and practical potential, it is sad, but only natural. From a market dynamics perspective, I believe that Intel shutting down their Studios and doubling down on True View is in fact good news, a sign of the sector evolution.

An amazing idea…

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